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The Technology = Equality Podcast was launched to assist entrepreneurs with developing new business ideas and gaining exposure. The theme is to “Hear The Journey ~ Find The Pain ~ Create Solutions”. Each week we explore the entrepreneurial journey of our guest and learn about tools to help you on your journey.

July 26, 2015

Rochele Lawson : Technology = Equality Podcast - Episode #25

The Technology = Equality Community Welcomes The Queen of Feeling Fabulous!

How do you treat You?

Rochelle reminds us how important the signs our body send, can really be. She also reveals the coolest piece of technology, of which she is fortunate enough to use in her practice daily! The Tricorder is REAL! 

"If you don't put the effort in you won't see the results.." ~Rochele Lawson

Strategy: Pay attention to how stress manifests in your body. Figure out what kinds of foods, enviroments and sleep patterns work best for you and be sure to create a plan. Once you have a plan in place, do your best to stick to with it. 

Wisdom: Do a little research and create an action plan. Then create a backup plan and be ready to adjust. Be careful how you spend; really consider if the expenses are justified and always listen to your GUT!

Wish: To make people understand that you have to put in the work to get results. There is a process to getting your health and business in line. 

July 19, 2015

The Mental App with Mike Margolies: The Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #24.5

The Technology = Equality Community Welcomes

Mike Margolies
back to provide an in depth look at The Mental App and how it can help you!. 

Are there habits you need to change?
Do you want your sales or sports team to improve in their performance? .
Mike is on a journey to help people in business and sports gain the mental skills necessary to excel in their respective craft.

Hi, I’m Lori Brooks; I have spent over a decade customizing techniques to help financial agents and small business owners: optimize workflow, streamline office procedures and increase productivity. I have launched the Technology = Equality Podcast to help solve some of the biggest pains in various industries & spark new business ideas.

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July 12, 2015

Mike Margolies: Technology = Equality Podcast - Episode #24

Mike is on a journey to help people in business and sports gain the mental skills necessary to excel in their respective craft. Listen in as Mike shares 35 years of wisdom, wit and experience with the Technology = Equality Community.

"Figure out what people are searching for when they are looking for you!" ~Mike Margolies


Strategy: Gain a solid understanding of keywords and how they affect your business. Once you gain an understanding of search engine optimization, if you are not interested in optimizing your own SEO, utilize your ability to instantly communicate with anyone and hire someone who will!! 


Wisdom: Financial stress is one of the most difficult kinds of stress to deal with. Have a solid financial plan prepared before you begin. Your support network is a vital piece of your entrepreneurial journey, Use technology to build a network of advisors to help you!  


Wish: Let more people know that there are things that you can do to gain mental skills to excel no matter who you are and no matter what your specialty! 

Useful Tools: The Mental App