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The Technology = Equality Podcast was launched to assist entrepreneurs with developing new business ideas and gaining exposure. The theme is to “Hear The Journey ~ Find The Pain ~ Create Solutions”. Each week we explore the entrepreneurial journey of our guest and learn about tools to help you on your journey.

September 27, 2015

Chris Hamilton: Technology = Equality Podcast - Episode #34

Chris Hamilton, founder of Sales Tip A Day (STAD) Consulting, is a certified marketing guru, business consultant, fellow podcaster and he still finds time to blog! No matter the industry or size; from entrepreneurs, to small business owners or the city of Calgary, Canada, Chris will find ways to improve techniques and increase team productivity.Through numerous years of sales and marketing experience, Chris helps businesses achieve growth with proven results.Today Chris joins the Technology = Equality Community to share time-saving treasures and his entrepreneurial journey. 

"I was 41 or 42 before I realized I hated working for other people.." ~Chris Hamilton

Strategy: Determine how & when a revenue stream will be generated. Verify there is value for others and that they are willing to pay for the service/ product. 

Wisdom: Don't prolong your project to a point where you can no longer be profitable.

Wish: To create a streamlined process to follow up! Allowing tasks, no matter how big or small, to fall through the cracks can really make life and business feel like an alternate experience.

Useful Tools: Contactually
September 20, 2015

Brandon J. Eigenberg: Technology = Equality Podcast - Episode #33

Brandon Eigenberg joined AXA Advisors in 2007 and has recently become a Vice President at AXA and is currently looking to bring new advisors onto his team. Today Brandon joins the Technology = Equality Community to share a unique entrepreneurial journey and opportunity.

"I focus on building relationships, clients need to be able to trust me."  
~Brandon J. Eigenberg

Strategy: Network, meet new people, ask questions and gain a solid understanding of the industry. 

Wisdom: A positive mindset is the most important key to success. Be sure to set goals and maintain organization. 

Wish: To educate the entire population on how important it is to have good personal, financial health!

                    Genius Scan

September 13, 2015

Dr. Kathy Gruver: Technology = Equality Podcast - Episode #32

Creating the time to take care of yourself is important. This week, Dr. Kathy Gruver joins the Technology = Equality Community to share her journey and an excellent resource to help you create the time to care for you.

"Though it was  negative at the time and I felt really, really taken advantage of, but I learned so much!" ~Kathy Gruver

Strategy: Take on a position in the industry you are interested in. Begin learning as much as you can and use this time to obtain any industry specific licenses you may need. 

Wisdom: Take the time to think about who will benefit from the information, product or service you are going to provide. If you don't have a mentor, surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are and ask questions. Do your research and be sure to take action!

Wish: To have more speaking engagements to spread her message and help as many people as she can reach! 

Useful Tools: The Mental Bank

September 6, 2015

Marcia Bennett: Technology = Equality Podcast - Episode #31

Marcia Bennett joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #31 to share how to find a comfort zone for your product and execute your plan. 

"The 'Ah- ha' moment for me, was when I finally accepted I was different. " ~Marcia Bennett

Strategy: Take the time to self-educate on all aspects of entrepreneurship and the industry you are interested in. Focus on who to serve in the industry and what it is you are trying to solve.  Be sure to always ask what it is your potential clients may want. 

Wisdom: Your mindset shift should begin before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. The secret to Marcia's success is to pay attention to her intention, then implement and execute! 

Wish: To design a marketing campaign to diversify her client base and reach out to the male population. Marcia would like the ability to teach the skills to those who are in an employer role to have a greater impact in the workplace.

Useful Tools: