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The Technology = Equality Podcast was launched to assist entrepreneurs with developing new business ideas and gaining exposure. The theme is to “Hear The Journey ~ Find The Pain ~ Create Solutions”. Each week we explore the entrepreneurial journey of our guest and learn about tools to help you on your journey.

May 27, 2017

Trevor Crane on confidence and sharing Your Story.

Join me for a very special bonus episode as I chat with Trevor Crane about the difference between confidence and conviction, and manifesting his entrepreneurial journey. Trevor Crane is the kind of guy who thinks of an idea, takes action and keeps moving forward. Trevor's  entrepreneurial journey began with an 'Aha' moment as a child which left him with a passion for providing for his family at large0. Listen in as Trevor shares humble beginnings, explains why you need to share your story and gives a special gift to the Tech=E Community!

Trevor Crane on confidence and sharing Your Story.

"Your message matters!" ~Trevor Crane

Strategy: What is it that motivates you and brings you to life? Determine where your passion lies and get started. If your passion is not where you are..... it's time to get out. Focus on your end goal and take consistent, persistent action to stay on your chosen path. Once you have committed to a specific direction, find a mentor or a coach to share best practices and guide you to the shortcuts along the way. No matter what, GET HELP! Then be sure to share Your Story!

Wisdom: Take special note of the journey others have traveled prior to your own.When wisdom is present, you should be too!  Try to live a life without regret by remaining in the present, surrounding yourself with your favorite people while doing the things you are passionate about.

Wish:  Trevor would love to find a way to reduce the urge to juggle.


Trevor Crane

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Trevor Crane

May 20, 2017

Mark Mehling on the need for a second plan.

MARK_MEHLING_HEADSHOT.jpgMark Mehling on the need for a second plan.

Mark Mehling joins the Technology = Equality community for episode #67 to review why you should begin creating your second plan. Mark shares a $10,000 idea and an extraordinary story of a series of unfortunate events. From breaking and entering to an AHA moment that changed his life, listen in as Mark and I explore perspective and discuss developing a client profile, pricing your product, content curation and so much more!

"The whole world is marketing!"

~Mark Mehling

Strategy: Research and understand to whom you are marketing. Always script out how you plan to market to your audience and the media you will use to market your message. Create authority in your industry and provide "BIG" perceived value; then be sure it exists! Test and explore your pricing methods. Curate your content and re-purpose for future projects.

Wisdom: Develop an entrepreneurial perspective before you begin your journey. Take the time to define what's important to you and what you are looking for. Define the must-have pieces of your future, then begin working towards them.

Wish: Mark wishes more people would go analog, not everything has to be digital! Hard copy is still in high demand!


                   Dan Kennedy

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May 13, 2017

Do You Suffer From Organization Anxiety?

Does the idea of clearing your space of clutter make you anxious and want to run in the other direction?

My mother, the original 'Organization Maven', always uses the number 3 to clear any space of clutter and avoid the ever dreaded 'Organization Anxiety'.

Organizing a home with four kids is a challenge, but my mother always made it look simple. I can hear her now "Seriously, you kids are so weird these days." If she ever read the title to this blog she would just laugh! She thinks the things our generation concern ourselves with is silly.

Yes in her eyes I am, and always will be a kid.

I like it like that! :)  

My mother would always start an organization project by sorting almost everything into sets of three.

It's an easy number to deal with and it always seemed to keep her organization efforts simple so she could keep up with them. Three rooms a day, three categories to sort, three steps for each space, etc. The number three dissolves some of the anxiety out of any project.

Choose the three spaces you plan to tackle. This method can apply to any space big or small. From a couple of drawers to a couple of offices. Decide which space to start in and begin sorting items into your three key categories.

The Brooks Three Keys

1. Keep

2. Trash (Not Sure)

3. Replace elsewhere or Donate

Once you decide on a starting point, create your 'Three Keys'. They can be any three that you choose. (Note: when adding additional categories you risk time wasted on deciding which category to place items in. Try to stick to three and make your 2nd Key the "Not Sure" key. Don't tackle this pile until you have finished clearing your three spaces.)

As you begin clearing out your space place each item into one of your 3 Keys.

Once cleared, you now can quickly place what you have chosen as your first key items back in your freshly cleared space. Trash your second key and move on. Or, if your anxiety is directly related to the label "Trash", as mentioned make this key the undecided pile.

In an hour you will have three, freshly tidy spaces.

No matter how big or small, remember to never dedicate more than twenty minutes at a time. This way you won't feel as though all of your time has been gobbled up cleaning. Instead in twenty-minute intervals, you will quickly begin to see the benefit of your efforts.

Now that you only have a pile of undecided items, that's right... back to three.

This is the time to make a solid decision to create a trash pile. By now, there are far fewer items to decide on, thus decreasing your organization anxiety. Before you commit to the trash pile, decide if any items are not useful, ie. broken or missing parts, or has the item been fully used (dried white out, finished label tape, empty non-reusable containers) and dedicate these items to the trash.

Now decide if the remaining 'in good order' items could be placed with similar items elsewhere in your space. If not, and you feel the item is still useful, but you haven't touched it in over six months, donate or sell the items online.

In sixty minutes you have now accomplished clearing three spaces and possibly found some extra cash.

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May 6, 2017

Lee Gesmer on segmenting your practice to scale.

Attorney Lee Gesmer was born and raised in Boston, MA and knew from an early age he would one day run his own business. His father anticipated it would be in his textile mill, Lee had his heart set on music. Lee joins us for episode #66 to share his journey from Rock n' Roll to Litigation. Listen in as we discuss how segmenting each area of Lee's practice allows his team to scale with ease.

"The only way to build a law firm is with happy clients!"~Lee Gesmer

Strategy: Look at each area of your practice and begin to sort out each step; from your clients to your procedures. Understand what it is you provide and who you want to serve. Customer happiness matter more than anything in business. Determine how your practice can best serve your clients. Set procedure and service standards for each segment created. Most important, once standards have been established, be sure your entire team is on board with the plan.

Wisdom: If you have an idea you have been thinking about... stop thinking and start doing! Waiting is just holding you back from what you want and the future is never guaranteed. Why do tomorrow what you can get done today?

Tools: Lotus (IBM) 



Tim Ferris

Wish: Lee plans to witness and enjoy the ease in the succession of his practice.  He is currently enjoying the growth of his firm as they begin to mentor and train new generations of attorneys for years to come.

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