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The Technology = Equality Podcast was launched to assist entrepreneurs with developing new business ideas and gaining exposure. The theme is to “Hear The Journey ~ Find The Pain ~ Create Solutions”. Each week we explore the entrepreneurial journey of our guest and learn about tools to help you on your journey.

June 24, 2017

Peter Aquart on perspective and personal growth.


Peter-_Headshot.jpgPeter Aquart, COO and co-founder of American Wealth Builders is on a mission to help the average person take control of their finances. Peter discovered his niche of simplicity at the very young age of 13. He has since designed and implemented an entire software system for turnkey real estate investing and has owned and operated over 15 businesses. Peter joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #68 to discuss perspective, personal growth and the evolution of your passion.

"We have an obligation to everyone else around us and to this world to grow into the best person you can become!" ~Peter Aquart

Strategy: Marketing and sales are the most important piece of your business. Find your market, go where the demand is and be passionate about your service. Take decisive action and always ask questions to help gain a better understanding of both systems and situations.

Wisdom:  Never stop learning! Take the time to evaluate yourself and your business, but always keep an open mind to gain new perspectives. Your passion may end up being an evolution along with the growth of your skill set. Once you understand the value of your service figure out how you plan to deliver this value.

Wish: To help as many people as possible regain control of their financial future through real estate investments.

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Peter Aquart on perspective and personal growth.

June 17, 2017

My dad is the best at just about everything… Happy Father’s Day!

pexels-photo-190537My dad is the best at just about everything. From dancing to fixing things to navigating back roads! 

If he doesn't know how... he will undoubtedly figure it out if you ask him to.

Looking back now, there is nothing he has ever given up on (no matter the time it takes) and there is nothing he can't accomplish. As a child, I didn't understand why my father seemed to have such amazing luck, or why things always went the way he planned. I always thought it funny that my father kept a notebook and several pens in his breast pocket. Much like mom, dad always had a list!

My dad is the best


My dad is the best....

The reality is dad was always overboard with the listing of things!!!

When we were kids, if we became sick; he kept the <<Kid's Name Here>> Input/ Output log!!!

NO Seriously, there was an Input/Output log for each one of us kids at some point in our lives!! Liquid, solid, you name it, he jotted it down... everything! Unlike mom's lists; which were generally to do lists sorted by deadlines, dad's lists were thoughts, ideas, notes, to do's and work related items.  They always made sure to keep their lists in order of priority. 

I just chalked it up to "older person activities" and not something I really needed to put into practice.The simple concept of having the ability to move faster and keep track of more didn't even begin to cross my mind. It didn’t hit me until years later when I was married with a child and working full time. I had to find a way to keep track of things. I’m sure you’ve already guessed what happened next. Yes, much like my parents, I began creating lists! At one point I was using a brown leather binder; technology has changed this habit completely! I now utilize the native dictation, notepad, and reminders built into most My dad is the best Apple devices to list just about everything. I create lists daily, for everything & anything; from groceries to work to projects!

No worries,  I have never gone as far as the infamous Input/ Output logs.. :)

I am just hoping I am not now considered an "older person"...  for taking on this activity! I'm sure my daughter would beg to differ! Oh well.... I'm still going to celebrate my 29th birthday every year!

Ok, so back to the lists (or shall I say my older person activity)..... The lists allow me to seamlessly prioritize by having a visual of everything I need/ want to accomplish. I can quickly add to a list via dictation and sort with two or three taps on my screen. Technology has allowed me to find ways to accomplish more, with less effort or time invested. 

I invite you to join the conversation on the Technology = Equality Facebook Group. How are you using technology to help you stay organized? How has your dad influenced your career? Do you notice your parents shining through your actions? 

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June 10, 2017

Outsourcing to grow your practice. 

All these years, I really have just laughed off most of what my big sister has told me. Mainly because anytime we are together we are busy just joking around. For those of you who know us, you understand why I was surprised. As I continued to grow my practice I had the following revelation... READ MORE


June 3, 2017

How to streamline any process with the 4-D Strategy.


Streamline your sales practice with the 4D Strategy.

I am not a shoe rack sales person.... but you might find the time to streamline processes and build your sales practice if you try one!

Often I am asked where I find the time to build this business. I try to explain, but audibly, it sounds like I just cram things into my day. The reality is, I just have more time in my day to accomplish the simple things because I ensure they can be accomplished quickly. Simple tasks can eat up time where you least expect it to.

Let's move on to the clear benefits of investing in a shoe rack.

Really the amount of time saved in the morning, not to mention the amount of time saved throughout the day can add up quickly!

Think about it. If you are like I once was, your shoes are everywhere! I mean everywhere.... bedroom floor, under the bed, in boxes, in the closet, in the living room, by the door, in the car, in the trunk.... yeah, everywhere!

Why is this important, well, often I wouldn't have a clue what shoes I did own and end up with double! Or better yet, finding something to wear and spending hours looking for the right pair


We have all been there, admit it!

Ok, so if you have a large shoe rack, you can keep all shoes in a central location.



Ok, stay with me though... and let's rewind a bit to the theme I tend to always come back to;

Time is money! 

When your shoes are organized, it's easy to pick the right pair. This trickles into the outfit, the accessories, and things just tend to fall into place from there. You can quickly create your masterpiece outfit for any occasion without hesitation or a scavenger hunt! This, of course, turns into massive amounts of time saved!

So how do you decide where (if not on shoes) you can begin saving a little extra time in your day?

1. Start by taking note of each step of your day-to-day actions.

2. Give an estimate (mentally or on paper) of how long each action takes. This estimate can be anywhere from 30 seconds to, however, many hours you generally take for each of the actions noted above.

3. Choose the three actions which take the most time.

4. Ask yourself the following questions and label each of your actions with one of the four D's. This action can be deleted, delegated, delayed, dominated.

Deleted: Is this action necessary for me to have a fulfilled day? If the action is not a necessity. Cut it out!

Delegated: Can anyone else do it? If so, can you guess what you should do? Yes, get it off your plate as soon as possible! Find the person who is qualified to accomplish the task.

Delayed: Do you have to do this every day? If not, set a recurring schedule to perform the associated action.

Dominated: Is there any way to make this action smoother? Can you reduce the number of steps required to accomplish the task? Get creative and always remember to batch actions.

Take the new hours you now have; no longer looking for shoes, and get back to building your business!

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