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The Technology = Equality Podcast was launched to assist entrepreneurs with developing new business ideas and gaining exposure. The theme is to “Hear The Journey ~ Find The Pain ~ Create Solutions”. Each week we explore the entrepreneurial journey of our guest and learn about tools to help you on your journey.

November 24, 2017

Bernd Schoner: The Tech Entrepreneur’s Episode

Bernd Schoner, the author of The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide, joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #11. Bernd worked in the Physics and Media Group and the Things-That-Think research consortium at the MIT Media Laboratory, where he received... Read More

November 20, 2017

Jeet Banerjee: The Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #2

What age is the right age to start an entrepreneurial venture? Is there a good age to begin?

Jeet Banerjee, a serial entrepreneur, and the youngest member of the Technology = Equality Community shares his journey! At the age of 17, Jeet Banerjee was creating a cash flow from the get-go! He was supposed to be focused on homework but.... Read More

November 13, 2017

Thoughts become things, how Michael Connell turned his passion into a plan!

Michael Connell, author, producer, owner, and founder of KC Visuals Unlimited and Home and Business Services Unlimited joins the Technology = Equality Community to share over 30 years of wisdom and expertise. Listen in as we discuss delegation, growth and ... Read More