Peter-_Headshot.jpgPeter Aquart, COO and co-founder of American Wealth Builders is on a mission to help the average person take control of their finances. Peter discovered his niche of simplicity at the very young age of 13. He has since designed and implemented an entire software system for turnkey real estate investing and has owned and operated over 15 businesses. Peter joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #68 to discuss perspective, personal growth and the evolution of your passion.

"We have an obligation to everyone else around us and to this world to grow into the best person you can become!" ~Peter Aquart

Strategy: Marketing and sales are the most important piece of your business. Find your market, go where the demand is and be passionate about your service. Take decisive action and always ask questions to help gain a better understanding of both systems and situations.

Wisdom:  Never stop learning! Take the time to evaluate yourself and your business, but always keep an open mind to gain new perspectives. Your passion may end up being an evolution along with the growth of your skill set. Once you understand the value of your service figure out how you plan to deliver this value.

Wish: To help as many people as possible regain control of their financial future through real estate investments.

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Peter Aquart on perspective and personal growth.

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