http://hardcorecloser.com/contact-ryan-stewman/Ryan Stewman, the Hardcore Closer, joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #69 to share a wild journey from the day he was given a beeper number to changing millions of lives. He witnessed the rise and rapid fall of entrepreneurial relatives while his parents opted for the security of traditional careers. Ryan started his entrepreneurial journey in an unconventional manner and transformed his illegal experience into a profitable practice. Listen in as Ryan shares insight on how the lack of a safety net and perseverance can pave the path to a brighter future.  

Ryan Stewman on perseverance and paving the path to a brighter future.



“If someone gives you a cool nickname, Go with that shit!

Do not resist cool nicknames!”

~Ryan Stewman

Strategy: Success may come and go in the blink of an eye! Look at every situation as an opportunity to be sure you never miss one. Instead of creating excuses, develop a solid foundation you have control over, then evaluate all feedback to help yourself grow.

Wisdom: Everyone is moving forward in life, create a plan so you know where it is you’re trying to get to. The road may be far bumpier than you anticipate, but keep moving forward. Keep doing what you’re doing and never quit!

Wish: Ryan would love for someone to develop an automated social media marketing content organization and backlink/ funnel coordination program.

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