Join me for a very special bonus episode as I chat with Trevor Crane about the difference between confidence and conviction, and manifesting his entrepreneurial journey. Trevor Crane is the kind of guy who thinks of an idea, takes action and keeps moving forward. Trevor's  entrepreneurial journey began with an 'Aha' moment as a child which left him with a passion for providing for his family at large0. Listen in as Trevor shares humble beginnings, explains why you need to share your story and gives a special gift to the Tech=E Community!

Trevor Crane on confidence and sharing Your Story.

"Your message matters!" ~Trevor Crane

Strategy: What is it that motivates you and brings you to life? Determine where your passion lies and get started. If your passion is not where you are..... it's time to get out. Focus on your end goal and take consistent, persistent action to stay on your chosen path. Once you have committed to a specific direction, find a mentor or a coach to share best practices and guide you to the shortcuts along the way. No matter what, GET HELP! Then be sure to share Your Story!

Wisdom: Take special note of the journey others have traveled prior to your own.When wisdom is present, you should be too!  Try to live a life without regret by remaining in the present, surrounding yourself with your favorite people while doing the things you are passionate about.

Wish:  Trevor would love to find a way to reduce the urge to juggle.


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